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Futuristic Trends in E-Commerce and Online Shopping


E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, which makes deliveries increasingly demanding and unblemished. Logistics of this type of business is changing to accompany the rapid evolution of this market, according to the conclusion of Global e-Commerce Logistics 2015.

In the recent Mckinsey & Company report we can conclude that in 2025 this type of trade could represent 10% of retail sales in the largest African countries.

The immediate response of the delivery of the order is one of the factors that causes buyers to trust the site the most exclusive and innovative sales platform in Mozambique.

“E-commerce is also the salvation of consumers in peripheral areas that traditionally have difficulty accessing physical stores. International and domestic marketers offer a wide range of high quality products with door-to-door delivery. “Data from the DHL Global E-Tailing 2025 study.

In a world where purchases, with a simple click gain more and more followers, the Purchase came to this paradigm shift.

With the prospect of growth of the online market until 2017, the increasing demand for products on the Internet, has come to energize this type of trade. Clients are increasingly demanding the quality of the delivery service and trust in the site, where these transactions are carried out, this new service facilitates access to the products.

Shopping online is a convenient and affordable way to save time and money, and your needs are met when you deliver close to you.


Understanding the flow of a credit card transaction in your e-commerce


PAYMENT – The flow of a financial payment transaction with credit card in an online store seems to be complicated, but it is much simpler than you might think.

You do not necessarily have to hire a payment gateway or broker to conduct an online transaction. It is enough that the shopkeeper is connected to an acquirer. Look:

Understanding the flow of credit card

To capture a credit transaction there are two forms: pre-authorization and authorization.

What’s the difference between them?

Pre-authorization is a credit transaction that reserves a certain amount of the credit card limit of the client for a certain period of time, guaranteeing subsequently to the establishment the receipt of the value for the service rendered.

For example: when booking a hotel through the internet, the hotel requests the “lock” of the amount of the stay in your credit limit. After your stay, when you check out, the amount will be charged and posted to your bill.

Pre-authorization is not mandatory.

The authorization is a transaction sent to the issuer of the card with an immediate return, which may be “approved” or “denied”.

In short, the role of the acquirer is essential in the process of paying for an e-commerce. However, it is not necessary to use complex payment tools to enable this.




Not everyone likes to shop, because it is tiring, they face queues, children, traffic, sellers, and often receive poor service. The facilities that the internet provides us are many. It is now possible to shop for food in supermarkets, order pizza and hire services. Everything for the Web.

There are many reasons to choose to make purchases online, but we face this challenge and select the main advantages.

Convenience of online shopping

Without a doubt, convenience is one of the main advantages. Shopping without leaving home saves time and money. This time can be availed to be with your family, without stress of traffic, sellers and kids pestering. Plus, you save money on gas / transportation and parking.

Low prices low prices online shopping

Generally, the values of online sales products are lower. That’s because the virtual stores are competing in a much bigger market than the physical stores. There are also no high costs with store rentals, vendor salaries, store structure, etc. It all comes down to a site with administrators, product warehousing, and good logistics.

Tip: If you are looking for a used product, OLX classifieds is the best option. You negotiate directly with the owner, at a lower cost, without resale brokerage (trading sessions, Bazaar, real estate).

Opinions from other users

In the main virtual stores it is possible to see the comments and opinions of other users about the sale or product. If you can not find it, I recommend looking for potential unhappy customers on complaint sites.

Tip: Are you hesitant to buy technology products? Only on the internet, you will find many reviews on various technologies. They are blogs and websites that test the products and give better details and opinions about a launch.


According to ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce) there are already more than 36 thousand virtual stores in Brazil. Which segments? The most varied. Options are what they do not miss. To differentiate in the midst of so many stores, the owners seek to have the greatest possible mix of products. Some opt for exclusive branded products – the case of custom t-shirts e-commerce.

Discount coupon discount

Do you know the “cry” for the seller / manager granting discount on the physical store? Here, on the internet, it’s called a discount coupon. Who has, get the discount. There are many websites available on the web with promotional codes that grant from 5% to 50% discounts in the main virtual stores in Brazil.


Doing Online Shopping with privacy


There are products that at the time of purchase can embarrass anyone. They are erotic products, intimate remedies, and anything you do not want to see together. Just make the purchase and receive discreetly packed in the door of your house.

Countless forms of payment

Who never went through situations where they did not accept your card? On the internet there are several sites that besides the card, has as form of payment: ticket, bank transfer and even Paypal. There are also those who return their money if they do not like the product.

Send gifts shopping online

There are no more excuses not to give that birthday girl who lives in another state. It’s fast and easy on the internet. Without leaving home, you choose the gift, make the payment, and direct the delivery to the destination you want. The gift arrives in hands by the post office.

Buy everything

if you buy everything on the internet You can sell and buy everything on the web. Anything you need for your home, car, dog, mother-in-law, there are no limits. Very different from the market near your house …

Free classifieds

One service that drives the Brazilian e-commerce are the free classifieds OLX. It is the largest online classified in Brazil and the world, with presence in more than 96 countries in 40 languages. Thousands of consumers buy and sell through this useful tool that narrows the great Brazilian territory by joining us for the same commercial objective.

There you will find everything, real estate ads, mobiles, automobiles, services and job vacancies. And best, you can sort by state or city. For those who want to sell, just shoot the product, publish and detach.




Nowadays with the new concept of the electronic market, using the internet to make online purchases is making life easier for the bride.

The options are endless to get services and products for the wedding and many even buy up the wedding dress itself with just one click.

There are collective shopping sites, international websites (Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, for example), online stores of famous designers … Practicality is great, but you need to be careful when shopping online.

Here are some tips:

Beware of the impulse! Think about what you really need to buy for your wedding.

Try to know the credibility of the site and the product you are going to buy.

Check the seller’s reviews.

Ask for photos and information before you complete the purchase.

Be careful with the offers, because the lowest price is not always guaranteed quality.

Note the delivery times and also consider that there may be unforeseen circumstances with the carrier and post office. Always be careful not to stay in the hand and desperate!

Consider the forms of payment – secure websites usually offer the option of payment by means of credit card.

In case of purchases through international websites, evaluate the import rate of the product you are buying to see if it is worth it. The tax will be calculated based on the value of the product added to the freight and will also be charged the ICMS (which varies in each State).

Sites destined to the world of weddings are increasingly conquering consumers. Formed by professionals who understand everything about marriage, the intention is to bring the most varied offerings to those who will go up to the altar.

Just take the proper precautions to make good purchases!


How to Shop Online?


More than 84% of Portuguese consumers have never made an online purchase , either because of lack of habit, lack of knowledge, lack of security, fear of being circumvented or because they prefer to make their purchases in store, according to the market study “Portugal 2013: Digital Citizens, Analog Consumers “by GFK. Of the 16% who buy through this route about 40% buy clothes, footwear and accessories, 23% buy travel, 21% books and music, 21% telecommunications equipment and 20% tickets for shows.

Shopping on the internet offers a wealth of opportunities. Whether on national or international sites, in the cyber space you can find everything you need, even what is not yet on sale in Portuguese stores, and sometimes at a much nicer price.

Not to mention the convenience, ideal for those who do not have much time to go to the mall. You can simply browse the internet, until you find the product you want, at the best price and buy it, without even taking off your pajamas. Although they are practical, shopping on the internet can cause some discomfort when you receive them at home, because they do not meet the expectation.

If you are looking to save money on acquiring the asset in question, one option is to go to international sites like Amazon, especially when it comes to websites from countries whose currency is cheaper than the Euro, as is the case with the Dollar. make the purchase even more advantageous.

Although it seems like a good idea to save a few euros on the purchase of high-priced products, such as electronic devices, you need to be careful because if you choose to buy outside the European area (after applying customs duties and VAT) to purchase may end up costing you more than if you make it in a physical store in Portugal. See also “How to shop cheaper” .

Beware of purchases outside the EU

Any purchase made within the European Union is free of customs duties, so the price you paid for the order, taking into account transport costs, will not increase. However, if you shop outside Europe, the possibility of stopping customs on arrival in Portugal is high, as well as the probability of having to pay customs fees.

Although the retention process at the customs is random, if you happen to know that the merchandise will be subject to payment of at least two taxes: customs duties and VAT. Some products, such as tobacco or alcoholic beverages, will still have to pay a special consumption tax.

The customs duties can be applied in orders with value from 45 euros, for an individual, or from 150 euros, depending on whether it comes from a company. It should also be noted that goods valued at less than ? 22 are exempt from VAT.


New rules on Online Shopping


This month a new directive of the European Commission came into force that aims to strengthen the rights of consumers who shop online. Consumers are now protected against cost concealment on the Internet as traders are required to disclose the total cost of the product and any additional charges.

Pre-selected options for Internet sales are also prohibited. Example: When you are buying a plane trip, it is common for additional services, such as travel insurance, to be offered, and if you do not want to purchase it you will have to disable these “pre-filled homes”. Please also read the article ” Taking care of internet holidays” .

The consumer still has 14 days to change his mind about a purchase made (recantation), which was already happening in Portugal. That is, after receiving the good, the consumer can return it, should you change your mind. If the seller has not correctly informed the customer, the return period expands to one year.

Afterwards, merchants have to reimburse the consumer within 14 days after withdrawal, which also includes delivery charges. Traders wishing to demand from buyers the costs of returning the purchased items must indicate it in advance and in a clear manner.

Another important aspect is the elimination of surcharges by the use of credit cards, that is, merchants can not oblige consumers to pay more for the use of credit cards or other means of payment than it is difficult for them to make available that means of payment. Similarly, if they have a helpline they can not charge more than a normal call. Also read the article “Eight advice for shopping online .


Six aspects to take into consideration when Shopping Online


Although there is increasing consumer protection with regard to distance shopping, there are some aspects that you should take into consideration before giving the final “okay” to the purchase.

Know the delivery costs: When you are still making the accounts of how much the purchase will be, be sure to also account for the transportation costs that online merchants charge as a general rule to the consumer. Also, keep in mind that some virtual stores will exempt the buyer from this payment if they make purchases of more than a certain amount.

Learn about the return policy: What if the product does not meet your expectations? When you buy an item from a physical store it is easy to see what you are buying. But when shopping on a computer monitor, it is not always easy to assess the color or quality of the product, so it is important to know the return policy, namely whether the merchant charges the costs of return to the customer.

Choose safe sites: Whenever you shop online you should take into account some security precautions to prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, make sure you are shopping on a secure site (usually these sites are marked with a padlock symbol). It is also essential to have the operating system and its browser updated regularly. Likewise, it is imperative to have an antivirus installed. Avoid even making transactions on public computers. Also read the article ” Four Deadly Clicks Where You Should Not Touch” .

Know the period of delivery: Before making a purchase, keep in mind the delivery period. If it comes from outside the European Union, it may still be the case that the purchase is held at customs.

Choose the best form of payment for your case: The most common form of payment on the internet is credit card, however, there are other means available to those who do not want to provide this type of data over the internet, as is the case of Paypal or MbNet.

See the bank statement: After the purchase, always look at the bank’s movements, namely, if the correct amount has been debited and no unauthorized expenses have been charged to it. If there is any unusual situation, you should contact your bank. Read the text “Know the most common scams and frauds and know how to protect yourself” .


72% of products are cheaper online


71% of consumer goods have the same price both online and offline, but when there is price variation, online practices the lowest price in 72% of cases against 28% of the physical store, according to the 8th edition of the survey. Anthem Marketing Solutions.

In the specific categories, the beauty segment has the highest proportion of items with lower prices online than offline. The only category in which offline has better offers compared to online were the segments of office supplies and school supplies.

Compared to the best prices, 90% of hardware / home items had the same prices both online and offline. Pharmaceutical retailers apparently have lower levels of price consistency in their sales channels.

In the same vein, Walmart and Target recently announced that they intend to expand the guarantee of price compatibility in the physical store. The survey also concluded that overall physical store prices could improve up to 9 percent at Walmart and 14 percent at Target.

Price compatibility was the top priority of retailers during the last holiday season. This item also topped the list of many consumers – 27.9% of young adults aged 18-24, 18% aged 35-44 and 21.8% aged 15-34 – took advantage of prices during the holidays.


Amazon gives up application for Digital Payment


Amazon is out, at least temporarily, from the race for digital payment software. According to information from CNET, the retailer network should look for new ways to use the application with its services, before re-launching it.

“We’ve learned a lot from the introduction of Wallet and will look for ways to apply these lessons in the future as we continue to innovate for our consumers,” Tom Cook, an Amazon spokesman, said on Wednesday.

The online retail giant began reporting on the disruption of Amazon Wallet activities through emails sent to users on Tuesday (20). The app’s beta has been removed from app stores. This maneuver happens, according to the company, so that there is a better analysis of how to apply the knowledge in the sale of products and services in the sector of the financial industry.

Amazon, however, did not say what the expected return would be. Users will still be able to use any gifts and loyalty or membership cards in the app stores. The balances, however, will no longer be updated as of Wednesday, so consumers will need to control their own balance sheets.

Launched in late July last year, the Amazon Wallet allowed users to store and manage gifts, store and loyalty cards and online transactions. Unlike its competitors, in particular Apple Pay, its application did not allow the use of credit or debit cards.

The promise of turning smartphones into digital wallets has already been announced for years and since last year the industry has been making great headway to make it a broader reality. The market expectation is that mobile payments will account for $ 142 billion in transactions by 2019. By 2014, according to Forrester Research, it was more than $ 52 billion.

Google was one of the first companies to offer mobile payments, with the Wallet service, but it turned out to be not very popular with users. Now, the search giant intends to compete in this sector by buying the Softcard, which will allow Android smartphones to be turned into digital wallets.

PayPal has also been available for some time and was a major contributor to changing people’s behavior regarding the interaction between real and digital transactions. However, after the arrival of Apple Pay, the company felt pressured to maintain a competitive service in a mobile environment and joined with Samsung.

Already Apple has gained a lot of ground since September last year, when it linked Apple Pay to iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, with the fingerprint recognition security layer for confirmation of transactions. Less than 72 hours after the debut, one million credit cards were already using the service.

But as digital portfolios are still in their early stages of use, there are still problems to be solved, not only among financial institutions but also with consumers’ own experience. Once the Apple Pay was launched, for example, retailers and credit card companies argued over the responsibility for using mobile payments by consumers with disabilities.

Much still needs to happen and the digital wallets with mobile payments are in the midst of development.